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AOP Half Day Course - Immersion
Perseverance Works, 21J Top Floor Perseverance Works, 25 Hackney Road, LONDON, E2 7NX

AOP Course - Dipping a Toe in the Water

Saturday 7 July 14:00 - 17:30(half day course)

21J Top Floor Perseverance Works
25 Hackney Road
London E2 7NX


A half-day course which builds on the morning course (if attended) or on existing skills and knowledge and looks at the advantages of shooting raw files and the greater bit-depth they offer for control and versatility, i.e. getting value out of the money youve invested in your dSLR camera.

The 3.5 hour session covers the following:
ocus on image-processing from the raw files; dodging and burning for photojournalism; Local adjustment brushes and gradients; Skin retouch, use of the healing brush/spothealing brush; A short look at frequency separation retouching. The Quick selection tool; The path tool; Scaling and moving for images for internet viewing or printing.

Students would require a lap-top running Photoshop or Lightroom.

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