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Artist Talk: Jillian Edelstein, Clare Park, Zelda Cheatle
Lecture Theatre GSB-01, London Metropolitan University, Aldgate, LONDON, E1 7NT

Jillian Edelstein and Clare Park In Conversation with Zelda Cheatle

Award- winning photographers Jillian Edelstein and Clare Park both chronicle personal narratives of family, displacement and loss alongside their work as portraitists.
When selecting the images for our 50th birthday celebration exhibition, AOP50 at One Canada Square, curator Zelda Cheatle chose Jillian’s portrait of Nelson Mandela and Clare’s self-portrait The Beauty Myth as iconic photographs from the past 50 years.
Continuing with these celebrations we are pleased to announce that Jillian and Clare have agreed to share this series of talks by AOP photographers.
Zelda Cheatle explore with Jillian and Clare how early societal experiences, career choices and personal inspirations have defined their individual vision and how their methodologies connecting life and work have fascinating similarities, yet striking differences.
Both women are represented in the National Portrait Gallery, the V&A RPS and Incite Project permanent collections. Jillian was included in the Hundred Heroines RPS list December 2018 and both are currently part of the 209 Women exhibition.
Tickets are FREE, but must be booked here.

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