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Film Theory and Practice with Jim Marks
Cherryduck Studios, 8-10 Sampson Street, LONDON, E1W 1NA

Film Theory and practice with Jim Marks

10.00am – 16.00pm, Thursday 17 October, Cherryduck Studios, 12-18 Sampson Street, London E1W 1NA


Join Jim Marks for a daylong workshop as he takes us through his journey as a photographer moving into film.

"I was a photographer for twenty years before I moved across into film for the last ten.

The day will be about that journey from stills to the moving image. Why we should do it, what it takes in terms of training, kit and approach. The crossovers of skills from both disciplines and the new ones needed to make films.

I will discuss the pitfalls, the mistakes (I’ve had a few!) and why its worth the pain creatively and financially!

This event will be very interactive, I encourage queries and ask as many questions of them and what they are after.

We will look at the fundamentals of film making from a photographers perspective as well as film theory and practice."

Jim Marks


The workshop is also an exciting opportunity for a first look at the Lumix S1H, Panasonic's latest flagship full frame mirrorless camera.

This is a cinema grade 6K video camera, with IBIS, unlimited recording and a full range of professional film making features.

There will also have the complete line up of S series cameras available, including the S1 and S1R to try.


Places are limited and cost £30 for AOP members and £45 for non-members and can be booked here


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