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Strobe City 5000


I have a spare StrobeCity 5000 pack that is not being used and taking up space. It is a black one, in good condition and all working fine. Collection only from west London. Please contact me if interested.

Gary Childs
07702 036 135

5x4 Fidelity DD PLUS metal sheaths


12x Fidelity 5x4 DDS:
20x Fidelity 5x4 METAL sheaths ~ all unused and no longer available.
Shipped over to me from Fidelity when I discovered the usual sheaths are not infrared light tight & then never got round to shooting IR film. 3 of the plastic sheaths in the DDS were damaged & binned

Selling as a job lot and will ship from Cape town on a secure, tracked, signed for delivery.
Darkslides ~ £240.00 the lot.
Metal Sheaths ~ £400.00 the lot
Slides and sheaths combined ~ £500.00
Plus shipping which shouldn't be too much.

David Preutz
+27 728 959892

Huge selection of Sinar & Lee Filters all in a custom fitted UnderWater Kinetics Case.


Sinar100 Filter Holder with hood + 82 77 67 58 rings. 100 x 100 Sinar filters:80A 85B 81A to EF 0.6 & 0.9ND. 5 10&30M: 5&10Y For B/W: #25 RED #58 GREEN #160 ORANGE #8 YELLOW #11 YELLOW/GREEN Sinar Linear Polariser LEE 100x100: 80A 80B 0.6ND 0.9ND.ANTIQUE SWEDE: LEE 100x125 GRADS:These were specifically hand dipped for me by Lees 85 to 0.6 & 85 to 0.9 Grads.I had these dipped for use with Tungsten stock outdoors on long exposures to alleviate any reciprocity problems using daylight. Antique Swede with a Coral grad at the top: Antique Swede to a Coral grad:Antique Swede with 0.6 & 0.9Grads: Clear to a Blue Grad. Lee Sky Grad. 100 x 125 GRADS:- Antique Swede with 0.9 ND: Antique Swede to Lee Sky: The 100x100 filters come in at anywhere between £50 to over £100 ea ~ouch! Taking the lower figure, this racks in at over £2.5k + the holder, rings & case if you went to get them today. A steal at £1050.00 OVNO plus shipping. With me in Cape Town. Email & I’ll send pics

David Preutz
+27 728 959892



Having finally decided that retirement is a foregone conclusion this year, due to arthritis giving me problems, I'm selling all my studio equipment.
Including Broncolor, Visatec, Manfrotto and Calumet, together with a Minolta flash meter III, Profoto Air Sync, Billingham, Lightwear and Latig D cases. Theres also some unique and bespoke bits which I've had specially made over the years.
Everything is in first class condition and the flash was last used about six months ago, with excellent results.
Too much to list all items on here, so I've split them into five lots which I can send to members, with photographs if anyone is interested, before I list elsewhere.
I'm based in Derbyshire, but I'm willing to meet up where convenient.

Peter Goulding

Wista 5x4 Cherrywood camera plus 3 lenses


Complete Wista 5x4 camera with 3 lenses Schneider 5.6 150mm, Rodenstock 4.5 75mm & 1.9 300mm

Plus dark slides, Polaroid holder, wide angle bellows and kinetic case.
All excellent condition


Liz Artindale
07850 566177

Hasselblad prism view finder with focussing


Hasselblad Prism view finder & Magnifier

VGC, original box

Photos available

07789 931 644

FOR SALE: 10x8 Symmar-S f5.6 240mm Multicoating lens


Symmar-S f5.6 240mm Multicoating lens.

Suitable for 10x8 / 5x4

VGC - original caps, camera mount

07789 931 644,uk

FOR SALE: Super Angulon f1.8/ 90mm lens Schneider- Kreuznach


VGC Super Angulon f1.8/ 90mm lens Schneider- Kreuznach

Click stops

Original caps

07789 931 644