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Beyond The Lens (spiral-bound printed copy)

Published by The Association of Photographers Ltd
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Published in England by the Association of Photographers (AOP), Beyond The Lens is the essential guide to rights, ethics and business practice in professional photography - the 'gold standard' of professional practice.

Now in its fourth edition it is used by photographers and commissioners in the course of their business and by colleges/universities as part of their course delivery.

This 4th edition of Beyond The Lens has a foreword by Terry O'Neill and is split into 3 parts:

The Law and the Photographer: covers copyright, moral rights, contract law, privacy, photographing children, late payment, legal remedies for copyright infringements and unpaid debts both in the UK and EU plus legislation that photographers need to be aware of.

The Business End: with advice on tax, VAT, accounting, bookkeeping, insurance, limited companies, pensions, savings, investments and mortgages, dealing with income/career problems, standards and codes, social media, agents, collecting societies and associations and unions.

Making a Living: is written by photographers and covers how to be a student, working as an assisting photographer, specific area of photography from their perspective - advertising, editorial, architectural, corporate and design, stock, digital and moving image, working overseas, and shooting on the streets.

An appendix includes 3 sets of photographers' terms and conditions for those based either in England & Wales, Scotland or Eire; model release form; template business forms and agents agreement.
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